Friday, 24 July 2009


Some classic speedo posers


Fit French Boy

I once heard a comedian say of the French that when they get up in the morning they get dressed, making sure theyre naked from the waist down to emphasise the fact they're naked! This sexy guy in blue speedos was't quite allowed to go that far on the beach - but we will settle for the speedo look to compensate...

Wonderful Shots

Apart from the fact these 5 guys are extremely hot - I am also a sucker for a great bit of photography and I think each ofthese shots is wonderfully conceived and taken. Enjoy

Swim/Dive Meets

I used to swim myself so I know all about swim meets. Unfortunately all body lycra suits are becoming more and more popular and taking over from speedos - a practise which should be banned! Won't happen to diver anytime soon though - and on that note I shoud congradulate ritish wonder kid Tom Daley on his world championship gold medal in Rome this week - nice one son!

Beach Boys

I've never known much of beach culture - hence I have a lot of photos to make up for it. Jesus what I'd give to be able to frequent beaches where hot young confident guys like these icked it back all day in their speedos - maybe I'll go n holiday - anyone got any suggestions as to where?

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Speedo Gatherings

Here is a mini set of photos featuring small groups f guys in speedos. I just think its so hot conceptually for a group of guys to get together and wear speedos - on the beach, at a pool or wherever else. The confidence it shows is a really attractive thing - to just wear your speedos and walk around with your mates for all to see - then again as good as some of these guys look, it probably aint a bad tactic if y'know what I mean. Tell me what you think ...

Here comethe pictures

So here goes ...

I'm gonna dedicate this first mini set of photos to water polo players since they provide some of the best material for a blog like this - and are invariably in great shape with it. See what you think of these guys...

I do loe water polo boys - shame I live in England where we dont have the weather for that kindve summer sport - I'd just love to head out for the water polo game and check out all the players while they rest and mill around looking good for themselves - I can only imagine how many girls do just that of a saturday afternoon...

First wave of speedos

Well. This is this blog's very first post. I will admit to being new to this blogging idea but my theory was that I'm always searching for photos of young guys in speedos on the web and never quite find a collection that meets my tastes completely so I thought I would set about creating a blogsite of my own centred arund the theme.

Hopefully I wil update reguarly and often with new photos for your vieing pleasure (and whatever unthinkable pleasures you should chose to derive from them!) Please feel free to either contribute photos (just get in touch with me by e mail) or to tip me off as to as yet undiscovered wells of potographic material I (and we all) may b interested to know about. (Personal photos are also welcome as long as they are not explicitly pornographic and you are a young guy - teen or early 20s)

Thanks to early viewers who offer this blog their support so that it may (hopefully) grow into a successful hub of speedo trading.